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Into the Ocean

Future Marine Biologist blogging about the wonders of our ocean.

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Welcoming Shark

This shot was from a dive in Coral Bay, Western Australia. I was exploring a cave when I came face to face with this shark. I was not about to pass on the opportunity to photograph such an amazing creature. I took a deep breath from the regulator and started taking photos. Apparently the shark was not a big fan of my flash as it showed it’s teeth and started swimming towards me. Deciding that I would like to one day show these photos I politely exited the shark’s cave and continued the dive

Photograph by Julian Tempelsman

Like a flower | ©Henrique Nascimento
An amazing photo of the colorful Jewel anemone, Corynactis viridis (Corallimorpharia - Corallimorphidae).
Although the meaning of its latin name (viridis) is green, the colour of the specimens is very variable, green, orange, red, etc.
Corynactis viridis is type species of the genus Corynactis, a colonial anthozoan similar in appearance to sea anemones and in body format to scleractinian stony corals, but belonging to the order Corallimorpharia (not to order Actiniaria). It occurs in Mediterranean Sea and around west Europe. 

Tropical paradise with turtles by willyam Big picture you can buy here:http://shutr.bz/1nqjRkP

Nudie Bran by chokolars